Dissertation 'Inequality in the gentrifying European city'
- Cody Hochstenbach

“This dissertation investigates the influence of gentrification processes on social-
spatial inequalities in urban regions, focusing specifically on Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It shows that gentrification constitutes a forceful process of urban
change, affecting many neighbourhoods in different ways. These urban processes ultimately produce growing disparities between booming central areas and struggling peripheries and suburbs. In doing so, gentrification amplifies inequality between poor and affluent groups, but also exacerbates increasingly pressing inequalities between and within generations.”

The illustration represents the gentrifying city. Its internal regions are formed of white rectangles on a black background, towards the periphery the rectangles become black on a white background. This transformation symbolizes the process and effects of gentrification. The style of the illustration is a reference to the Dutch art movement De Stijl.